Heli Suutari
MA, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Couple Therapist
English, Finnish & French
Individual and couple therapies based on Person-Centered approach


I offer therapeutic services in empathic and warm environment in Brussels and Liege. I specialise on burnout, addictions and relationship issues.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy from CPFB from Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium. During past years I have worked amongst expatriates in Brussels as well as for two international in-patient clinics specialised in addictions, burnout and psychological difficulties.

In addition I have completed training in Mindfulness at the University of Liege and I am specialised in PhotoTherapy.

Before starting over as a Therapist, I got a Master’s Degree in History from University of Oulu (Finland). I worked for years with creative and cultural sector in Helsinki. After moving to Belgium in 2004 I oriented towards domain relevant to the EU. I worked for Finnish government and at the European Commission.


We all want to be happy, but at some point in our lives, we may feel stuck or face certain challenges. Getting support from somebody on the outside can help you understand more clearly what’s going on and create new ways to think about yourself and your relationships with others.

People come to therapy to get help. Typically people come to find assistance they haven't found in other areas of their life.

Choosing a therapist is not an easy task. You're forming a relationship with this person, whether it's for two sessions or for long-term. It's important that you feel comfortable and safe as you disclose your private matters to another human being. Studies have consistently shown that no matter what type of therapy we select, the therapeutic relationship is the single most important factor leading to change. A sense of being understood is an important component of the therapeutic relationship.

As a Person-Centered therapist I do not aim to "fix" you but to help you to find your own solutions. Each one of us is a unique individual. I work to address what is meaningful to you —with an open mind.


Individual Therapy:

Therapy sessions are aimed at adults and young people experiencing mental pain, suffering and difficulties. Therapy is also aimed at people who wish to understand themselves better, get to grips with their everyday life in a more enjoyable way or resolve some difficulties in the workplace or in their home life.
I work both short and longer term, depending on what you are facing and your particular situation. My approach is Humanistic - I’m trained on Person-Centered Therapy (PCT).
Sessions are agreed with the client following the initial consultation. Usually I propose to start with weekly sessions and gradually move to making our appointments every two weeks or even checking in once per month.

Couple Counselling:

With couples, the relationship is the focus, although each partner should also expect to focus on self-improvement and self-awareness. Just like it takes two to tango, each member of the couple plays his or her part in the relationship.
A neutral therapist can help you - being not on anybody's side but on everybody's side. With couples I am working mainly with Systemic Family and Couple Therapy approach.


Photo-based self-exploration can be deeply therapeutic. Using photos can take the healing process several steps deeper into guided unconscious process. I use PhotoTherapy techniques within a therapy framework to assist my clients to increase self-knowledge, awareness and well-being.

Therapy for Substance Abuse and Addictions :

Addiction doesn't just mean an inability to stop using or binge using drugs/alcohol. Addiction can manifest into the use of food, gambling, gaming, sex, love, compulsive helping, shopping and anything that halts one having a healthy relationship with other's and most importantly self. Fortunately addiction is a treatable condition.
I have worked for a Scottish and Dutch addiction clinics and this has given me tools to introduce help for addictions in different forms. Not forgetting the couple/family context.


There’s not always need to commit to a longer therapy. Coaching can help you to find satisfying solutions to specific problems in private life or career.

Payment and cancellation


65 € for individual session / 50 min
100 € for couple session / 60 min
65 € for Skype session / 50 min

You can pay in cash or make a transfer to my account.

24-hours cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for the full session.


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Location : Brussels (metro Arts-Loi / Maalbeek).

Best way to reach me is by email.

E-mail: suutariheli@gmail.com
Phone: +32 (0)473 48 50 38